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“I am a Forever Siren” – Abbey’s Story

I met Abbey through her boudoir session. I don’t become close friends with many clients but then I started randomly seeing Abbey out and about and I felt like the universe was giving me a sign. We bonded during her session and then two years later, we were going to see Taylor Swift in concert!

But don’t take my word for it . . . . here are hers :

I booked because I had been accepted to do a Pride shoot for a promotion, which meant that I was able to save a little bit on my session fee. I wanted to do the shoot but was also concerned about cost/value since I had a previous (less than fantastic) experience with a boudoir photographer. I was nervous to try again. I mean… a complete stranger seeing (and taking photos of!) me in lingerie. Yes, I know that was what I signed up for… but I was still nervous. I didn’t need to be though, there were resources for clothing, jewelry, shoes, and what to do or not to do – before I even had the chance to have questions, they were answered. And any extra reassurance I needed was there too.

On the day of my shoot, I was all over the place. Sure, I was excited and nervous. But I was also just anxious as all hell. I had recently gotten out of a toxic relationship with a narcissistic addict and was trying to become sure of myself again. I remember purposefully driving around a few extra minutes before I got to the studio because ya girl was panicking. After a year and a half of trying to fade into the background, here I was going to take up space and be the main character again. And that’s terrifying. But coming in and working with Joni made it easy. She exudes life and happiness, and it was just music and laughter and freedom and patience and, honestly, a really good time. I was surprised by instantly how chill everything was, despite how nervous I felt walking in.

The atmosphere and attitude were just super different than what I had previously experienced. Instead of feeling awkward and uncomfortable, the shoot was super relaxing and fun. Joni put me at ease by just being herself and encouraging me to be authentic. Joni knew what she was doing and knew exactly what to demonstrate or which cues to give me to get what she was looking for. She spent the whole time hyping me up; it was great. I vaguely remember laughing my way through a few poses.

I was curious to see how everything came out, and let me tell you… wow. It was better than I ever could have prepared for. I couldn’t believe the person in the pictures was me! I felt so seen and so beautiful. I left afterward happy, feeling like I looked amazing, wanting to show the world who I was. My metal print has been hanging on my wall since my shoot, and I’m getting ready to have another shoot so I can add to my collection. I can’t wait!

I don’t think it matters who you are; doing boudoir with the help of a photographer like Joni, who cultivates an experience, will help show you the goddess within. The hardest part is showing up for yourself, but it’s so worth it. Don’t let the nerves and nonsense talk you out of the joy and the journey. I may have walked into the studio as a stranger. But I walked out with a good, encouraging, adventure-loving new friend.

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