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Hey, babe! Welcome to our Love Notes page, where we're about to dive into some serious heartwarming goodness. Get ready to be blown away by the empowering and uplifting stories shared by our incredible clients. These love letters are like little treasures that capture the transformative journey of self-discovery and self-love. Trust me, reading these testimonials will make you feel like you're sitting down with your best friend, sharing secrets and celebrating the amazing women we are. So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let's immerse ourselves in the love-filled world of our Love Notes.



My first shoot with Joni, I was actually super nervous. My hands were sweaty, my feet were sweaty, and ‘I was like oh my God am I sexy enough to do this? Am I pretty enough to do this?’ and she like… ripped me right out of my comfort zone and was like ‘yup, you’re doing this.’"



I’m not one who’s comfortable with their body per se, so it was very empowering to be in front of women that are like, “oh you look so beautiful.” 

To me it was scary and intimidating at first. But then coming in here, it’s so relaxing like you’re so welcomed. It was phenomenal to be a part of. 

“Lovely team of ladies! Joni is amazing and really knows what she is doing behind a camera and in front of it! I went in nervous and was completely excited within the first 30 minutes and throughout the whole process! Book the session babes! Book the session!”

~ Miss G

“Joni and Meaghan were absolutely delightful to work with from the moment I set foot into the studio. Being my first session, I was a little nervous, but that quickly went away. There was never any pressure to show more than what I was comfortable with, but the option was always open. I left feeling confident, beautiful and empowered. If I could give more than 5 stars, I absolutely would.”

~ Miss B

“Joni is AMAZING. I have never felt so comfortable, confident, and validated. 10/10 experience for anyone looking for a little self love and a space to be all of your beautiful self! The process was so easy and Joni communicated throughout the whole process from 2 weeks out to the day of. At no point did I feel unprepared or under supported. She knows what she’s doing and you won’t regret the experience!”

~ Miss J

“If you're hesitating, just Do It! Joni is amazing and really knows how to make you feel and look like the goddess you are. She went over everything with me, showed me how to pose, and talked with me so I never felt awkward. My bf loved it when I showed him the album, and now he’s even got a tiny print of me in his wallet. I used the wings for my session, and lemme just say that staring at a metal print of myself with majestic af wings and some spiked heels, really is a nice feeling."

~ Miss D

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